2019 Day 66 – Allegedly a day of rest

You know “rest”, right? Feet up, binge series/book at the ready, feet up, cocktails on tap? That’s what I thought too. Today’s not even close.

In fairness, Poland has challenged us in one unforseen way – laundromats don’t seem to exist here. And whilst I have no issue with a bit of handwashing every so often, I draw the line at bedding – there’s too much of it, it’s just to big to handle. They have laundries here, yes, where you drop your laundry off, and return to pick it up… according to reviews…perhaps in three days, or three weeks, depending on how the proprietor feels. You see my problem, I’m sure.

And the few sites we’ve encountered with washing machines have no driers, so the weather/timing combo has to be perfect to commit to stripping bedding in the hope of having it dry by evening. It’s just one of the little challenges of traveling for an extended period of time.

Having put it off for a while and failing to find laundromats, driers and the like in Poland, Himself locates a site with a washing machine and deems today a day of “rest”. Ostensibly so that I can become a house elf – he knows and exploits my weakness for a cleaning frenzy. Why bother with a tidy up when a four hour cleaning marathon will suffice?

And so the day passes, scrubbing the inside of the motorhome until it gleams and wrangling a foreign washing machine. Clearly the gods have taken pity on me. It’s only moments after I pick the last items off the line that the heavens open in a spectacular manner. Torrential rain. It could have been truly disastrous.

At least it’s a day off from restaurants. We have a caprese salad for lunch and a BBQ dinner.

We have neighbours too, who are most interested in my bread leftovers.

It’s not until mid afternoon that I’m done. Exhausted, but rather pleased with myself. The timing of that washing/drying combo was pretty epic. And I do love a friendly velvety horse nose.

It’s a well deserved feet up, cocktails at the ready, end to the day.

I do “love” these little rest days Himself plans for me. So considerate. I might return the favour by getting him to wash the motorhome. With a toothbrush. I’m thoughtful like that.