2019 Day 139 – Farewell England, Hong Kong’s calling

Now normally, today would be the day we drive to Heathrow, homeward bound. But there’s a twist to this year’s trip – a side trip to Hong Kong on the way home. Neither of us has been before,bar the odd airport transfer, so we’re both excited. The only cloud on the horizon is the protests. We tried unpicking the flights to fly directly home, buy given we’re traveling on points, it proved too hard. So with fingers firmly crossed, we’re taking a leap of faith.

Himself completes the last of the wintering chores – there’s a process that has to be followed before he puts the motorhome to bed. Our new hosts are delightful and their storage facility at Headon Farm is very professionally run. I’m very impressed.

And just like that, we’re on the road, Heathrow bound. You’ll not be surprised in the least to hear it’s raining.

Miraculously though, we encounter no delays and arrive well in time to return the hire car. Squiz tells me later it’s due to the driving tips he whispered in Himself’s ear.

He can be seen below, telling me all about it. I took pity on him and let him out – he looked pitiful in my handbag.

Hire car returned we get comfortable in the airport lounge… and wait. Our flight doesn’t leave until 10 pm.

Two lovely uneventful legs later, broken by a stop in Dubai, we arrive in Hong Kong. It’s night, so we’ll have wait until tomorrow to explore. I’m just grateful we managed to navigate immigration, luggage collection and taxis without a hitch. No sign of protesters so far, in fact if anything, it’s pretty quiet.

We’ve been upgraded to a suite with a rather interesting double shower.

It’s all we can manage to shower and crash. It’s been a long, busy day. Two days? I’m no longer sure.