2014 – Day One

So. Day one of this holiday. Mind full of work still and only one task
to accomplish. Packing. Omg. Do I hate to pack. I think it’s tied up
with how connected I am to my wardrobe. It is after all, the work of
a lifetime. To condense it into something that travels, that still works
on some level is akin to chopping part of me off. I do loathe it. And
don’t even start me on shoes and makeup. If the clothes are hard,
make up and shoes are nigh on impossible. And hair products….
sigh. Needs must. And on I go.

It’s finally done with some sense of having got it terribly wrong.
There needs to be contingency for variety, day, evening, country,
city, UK, Europe, NY, a birthday dinner and defraying of boredom.
I’ve impressed even myself with the number of shoes have been
able to secret about my person. Haha. Needs must, indeed.

We make it on board with one small but salient incident. Justine has
kindly taken us to the airport and Chris leaves behind his bag with
all the travel documents when we get out of the car. Luckily he
works it out and Juz has her phone on. Disaster averted and we are
on our way. Still have not set my mind to holiday mode, but I hope it
hits sooner than later.