2017 Day Eighty

Well they said it would rain and they weren’t wrong.  It rains ALL day.  There’s a reason England is oh so very green.  Autumn is staking her claim, determined to edge summer out: the rain is set to stay for the next three days.

We had originally booked for dinner at the Cote Brasserie but the weather makes lunch a better option.  

I’ve worked out an excellent compromise to having to cut our time in France short: French restaurants in England! Works for me.  Cote Brasserie is celebrating its 10 year anniversary with a special menu and it’s this we chose from many delicous options. 

 We might have to make a return trip to Cirenchester just to work our way through the rest of the options.  Champagne to start followed by a warm cherve salad for me, calamari for Chris, then an autumnal pork belly for me and Breton chicken for Chris. 

 By the time we finish with creme caramel and matched wines, it’s still pouring, but we feel much better about it.

Luckily it’s only a short walk to our next indoor pursuit: the Corinium Museum which is a fabulous find, detailing settlement in this area from pre-history to the turn of the 20th century with special emphasis on the Roman period when the population here exceeded the population today.  

With the size of the Roman town came a wealth of findings as Cirencester of the 1800s dug foundations: remnants from the beautifully appointed Roman villas.  So much for my Time Team archeological dig!  This area has already been picked over with a fine tooth comb.

The museum is recognised as being of national significance given the size and quality of the Roman collection. 

 I particularly love the many mosaic floors which are incredibly intricate and quite stunning. 

And look….there’s a bunny!

Each display is grouped in 300-400 year blocks detailing who lived in the area, their religion, habits, clothing etc.  It’s fascinating, especially when cultures were in transition, both existing dude by side, but with different cultures.  Interesting times.

We also take the opportunity to see the inside of the church which is rather lovely.

On our way home I spot another hare on the 2017 Hare Trail.  He’s a handsome fellow with his spectacles.

My faithful umbrella companions hopped along with me today.  It’s only fitting, there’s a Hare Trail in progress after all!