Day Eighty Seven

Ho hum, wintering has begun.  For Chris this means technical things with plumbing, storage  and deep life batteries, but for me, it means I’m a house elf, ruled by domestics.  It’s an epic cleaning day, wiping off the last three months, ensuring that motorhome is in perfect condition for our return next year.  

There’s nothing exciting about cleaning, especially when Trelissick Gardens beckon over the river, and to add insult to injury, the Antiques Roadshow is being filmed there today.  Love Trelissick, adore the Antiques Roadshow… Where am I?  Cleaning.  Dobby needs a sock…

By late afternoon it’s time for a break. Preparations are not all done, but are well on the way. It’s time for a well earned break so we drive into the pretty seaside village of St Mawes with its whitewashed cottages and ancient stone fences.    Oh!  So nice not to be trapped inside!  

The local kids are enjoying a game of torpedo football, with a difference.  The passes are made off the harbour wall: they have to leap into the water to make the catch.  Naturally they have full wetsuits on – it is English autumn, after all.  Much entertainment for the locals, many of whom have turned up to watch. It’s almost as much fun to watch the Nannas tutting in disapproval as it is to watch the kids pelting over the sea wall.

Last time  we were in St Mawes the tide was out, leaving all the boats sitting in a bare harbour.  It’s really interesting to see it like this, with the sea high enough to dive into.  The tides are enormous here.

We amble about for a while and walk the harbour in both directions.  Uphill are a series of thached cottages including the well named Seacliffe Warren. 

Would have suited our family home well, in the same named Adelaide suburb, especially when we had lots of bunnies!  Both sides offer beautiful views back to the harbour.
Eventually it’s time to go home for dinner and a drink or two.  It’s been a busy, tiring day.

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