Day Seventy Five

Another travel day and the end of our holiday is screaming upon us.
Time really does fly. Who knew! We have timing, accommodation
and domestics to attend to before we can set off for London and
Paris. There’s a lot that has to be done to put the motorhome to
bed safely.

And we have to vote. Ha…my chance to see inside Australia House,
aka Gringotts Bank. Delighted! It’s usually only open to the public
once a year on its open day but we’ll have to vote there. Yay!

Doesn’t that sound rather lovely? London and Paris. One day I will
do the trip of London, New York, Paris, emulating the longed for
itinerary I saw outlined on each Chanel wrapping I bought as a
teenager….when the thought of such a trip was very much a fantasy.

Chris is lucky enough to feed a spring squirrel when I am in the
shower, but after that, we’re off.

We travel through the southern parts on Yorkshire, and on into
Lincolnshire, heading south east to the coastal town of Skegness.
The countryside is farmland along the way, and the farmers are in
full swing with the last of their summer jobs. Harvest complete, they
now are harrowing the land, turning the top soil having harvested
their grain crops. Makes me wonder….when do they plant for spring
vegetable crops if they are under snow? Perhaps it doesn’t snow

Along the way we see hundreds of motorcycle riders, coming from
an event we presume. Some of the bikes are fully tricked up with
leather seats as large as armchairs, and others with three wheels, as
big as a car. We’re listening to the Nutcracker suite as they pass. It’s
an amusing aural and visual combination.

Skegness is an English version of Coney Island/Glenelg/St Kilda.
Amusement rides dot the foreshore and Victorian buildings, now
hotels are the predominant buildings. Time for coffee I think, and an
exploration party.

We stay a little out of town, and armed with a three shot coffee
(….will be up till Tuesday…) we set off for a walk along the
foreshore. Off the shore, about a kilometre out are thousands of
wind turbines. They look quite spooky. Very “Day of the Triffids”
which coincidently I have just finished ready. There’s something
quite otherworldly about them.

One of Kylie’s stir fries tonight. Feel like a chilli hit and the coffee
has me bouncing off the walls. What that girl was thinking giving me
three shots is beyond me.