Day Seventy One

Another lazy day.

We drive into North Yorkshire, across the centre of the North York
Moors national park. The early part of the drive into Yorkshire is
more how I imagined the moors to be. From my many re-reading of
Wuthering Heights….vast and a little wild. The heather is it out in
force here too, the hills and dales are pink with it. Once we are past
the wildness though, the open hills unify into paddocks and the
lovely Yorkshire stone fences reappear. It’s very pretty countryside.

We see quite a few wild birds today, pheasant and grouse. We’ve
seen pheasants about in quite a few places, but not quite as many
as we see here. Chris walks into the bush at one stage and came
across a grouse and her 4 chicks who eyeball him with surprise.

We are aiming towards staying in York for the next few days and
with time against us, and a weekend approaching we decide to stop
just outside of York in Pickering and laze the afternoon away. We are
on a river, with the village moments away. The drive into the village
offered stunning views, but came with 33 degree incline. Glad I’m
not driving – Chris has nerves of steel when it comes to this stuff.

There’s very little to do, and we are both a bit tired, so we laze the
day way with a bit of tv and a few drinks. Despite bringing away
many series and movies, we’ve watched very little. The satellite tv
has been pretty good. I catch up on HIMYM, Chris, Dr Who.