Day Thirty Six

We leave Yorkshire today, heading north east towards the Lakes
District. Chris manages to hand feed a pheasant before we leave.
He has wandered in looking for breakfast.

Yorkshire has been really beautiful, as lovely as the Cotswolds,
transported to the country. Again, I am sorry to be leaving a place.
One thing I didn’t come across, now that I think of it as I type this,
was the heavy Yorkshire accent. Perhaps we needed to speak to a
local farmer to experience it.

As we leave, the fields parted with ancient stone fences slowly thin,
to be replaced with rolling green hills and open grassed grazing
land. It’s all so green. A local mentioned a while ago that the
country is poorly serviced by reservoirs as they rely on the rain. He
seems to have a point, as the few we see have been heavily
depleted by summer and the lack of rain. I can’t imagine how this
country would change if there was a prolonged drought. The fire
risk, with the long grassed fields would be off the scale.

On the way to the Lakes District, we stop in the very pretty town of
Hawes, and I stock up on local cheeses. Heaven forbid we should
run out of regional cheese…we were down to only 5 or 6 pieces.
Haha. That’s an unexpected bonus of this trip, the wonderful cheese
we come across everywhere. The full spectrum is available – cows,
goats, ewes and in some towns, buffalo mozzarella imported from
Italy. As we found in many parts of France, the restaurant food can
be disappointing, but the produce one can buy is really excellent.
It’s a mystery what the restaurants do to it to make it so flavourless.

As with all travel days, we do little today. Apart from our visit to
Hawes, and a cocktail to celebrate being still, that’s our day.

The newspaper beckons; some patient soul with an exceptionally
long lens has captured the little prince for the front page and
promises a full spread of photos inside. Time to lose myself in the
fervour that has swept the nation. He really is very cute. And big!
How did she manage such a big baby when she barely had a baby
bump? Very pleased to see that she managed fabulous hair, outfit
and heels on leaving hospital less than two days after having him.
My kind of girl.

Cocktail beckons as well as well as those photos; I am off.