Day Thirty Three

We are on the move again, further into the Yorkshire Dales. The
countryside is straight out of the James Herriot series I loved so
much as a child. I watched the ABC series many times, and read the
books too. A different time for vets with no modern medicines – no
antibiotics. It was my first impression of England, the green fields of
the Dales with their stone fences, cows and sheep grazing
peacefully. It hasn’t changed a bit. All it needed to be complete was
James Herriot running around in a tweed jacket and a flat cap
looking for a cow in need of his help and an amused farmer looking

We stop on the way to see Bolton Abbey, which was built in the
1100s, and these days is in ruins on a privately run property and
farm. We expected to only see the ruins, but the Abbey is set on a
river along which are beautiful walks through protected forest. It’s
really well designed and is busy with weekend visitors. One bank of
the river is devoted to picnickers, the other to the nature walk, at
the start of which is an adventure course for kids, which they clearly
love. We see many different aspects of the river, trout, a stump with
stunning mushrooms, baby ducks being fed by a toddler, and have a
great hike through the woods. Just gorgeous. I will never get over
how green this country is, the light is different here too. Softer

I am really impressed with how many people are out enjoying the
Abbey, from all generations and all walks of life. And none of kids
are glued to video games: even the teenagers are engaged. I wish
we had something like this at home. Nature and history on your

We end the day just out of Grassington and our rabbity friends
come out to play. They’re very tame here and I amuse myself by
coaxing them closer with bits of sourdough bread. They are rather
happy with this arrangement and nudge ever closer.

Bunnies. Happy