Day Twelve

We stepped back in time today, to medieval days. The 12th century
to be precise, with a visit to the town of Marzion, chartered by
Henry III in 1257. It was originally a market town and a resting place
for pilgrims on their way to St Michael’s Mount, which lies atop an
island off the coast.

The pilgrims rested in town until the low tides revealed the ancient
causeway that allowed them to cross over to the island and the
Mount. We had high tide so boated across and back.

It was very reminiscent of Mount St Michael off the French
Normandy coast – both are perched at the top of an island
accessible from the mainland, both are ancient, both come with a
steep climb to get there! The English version came with steps and
stone walkways that would give an OHS rep apoplexy.

Great views from the top, but it was clearly and austere life.

St Michael’s Mount has been used as a jail, a monastery and a
private home since the 12th century. It’s run on a feudal system by
the St Aubyn family (same name as our house!) and apparently still is
for the 10 or so families who live on the Island.

Had lunch in town afterwards and took the opportunity to try a local
speciality – Cornish crab sandwiches. Served with traditional
accompaniment of brown bread and butter – delightful.

Later in the day we drove for miles to see Port Isaacs where the
series Doc Martin is set and filmed, but were thwarted by lack of
parking suitable for us, which was disappointing. Never mind, will
have to be content with seeing it in the series.

Getting fancy on the BBQ tonight – steaks and my interpretation of
a Spanish potato dish served with chorizo, roasted peppers and
goats cheese, topped off with a rocket salad and a movie. Have
some dark chocolate and ginger cookies on standby. For an
emergency only, I’m sure you’ll understand. šŸ™‚