Day Six

We started off the day with the intention of visiting a national trust
garden, but missed the turn off and ended up instead on a ferry to
St Mawes. A happy mistake as it turned out to be a lovely costal
village, very picturesque with white washed buildings, very tidal
coastal line and even thatched cottages.

St Mawes also has a small castle fortification, built in the 1500s by
Henry the eight to defend the area, which ten leads onto a coastal
nature walk through pasture land. Very pretty and good to stretch
out on a long walk after being still for a while.

White swans were in the bay when we returned from our walk and
on coming home we found a welcoming party of four baby bunnies.
One little family – two with white spots on their little heads. Much
frisking and frolicking. Love.

Off to the gardens tomorrow….take 2.