2019 Day 137 – Ready or not, here we come

There’s an important task I need to check off this morning. Despite quite a few squirrelly encounters, I still have a few nuts about my person. Far be it from me to deprive a local squirrel of a surprise snack as she goes about her morning. So it’s off to the woods to sprinkle joy.

Mission accomplished, I have to brace myself for what comes next – the drive back to Devon. Himself takes the motorhome, while it’s my job to keep up in the hire car. I don’t mind the motorways but live in terror of a truck coming the other way on the hedgerowed lanes.

My luck is in though – the drive goes without a hitch, but I’ll admit being very glad to hand over the keys.

The motorhome’s new view looks like this! What you can’t see is the flock cute black faced sheep to the right, looking very much like cotton balls against the green.

While Himself goes about signing the contract, finessing storage arrangements, and washing the motorhome, I knock off the last of the “big” chores, leaving only packing (already sorted) things into boxes and cases. Dobby is almost a free elf. *Small dance of joy.*

This leaves the afternoon free to explore our new surroundings.

First stop, off to Bude. Of course it rains immediately. And when it’s not, it’s blowing a gale. A freezing gale! Perfect weather for exploring! 😂😂😂

Under nicer conditions, Bude would be lovely. A nice wide beach (currently being pounded by roaring waves),

colourful beach huts,

a golf course and lots of dining options.

I’m banking on that bit of blue sky making a return appearance next time we’re here. We also pop into Holsworthy – less touristy, but thankfully with a supermarket carpark large enough to take the motorhome. That’s one thing checked off the list for next year.

It’s a bit unsettling, all this “newness” at the end of our trip. In our prior location, we had our routine down pat after seven years. It’s going to take some time to feel settled. Hopefully we can explore further tomorrow.