2019 Day 136 – Almost there

It takes a more than a little willpower to fire up this morning. With a mind full of “to do” lists and tasks, sleep eluded me last night.

I won’t bore you with the details: here’s the crib version of the day. Cleaning. Packing. More cleaning. All. Day. The only break had, is to execute another chore. Our packing boxes and suitcases need to come out of storage and Himself needs to wrap up the account there. After 7 years, we’re moving from Cornwall. The new site is closer Heathrow, purpose built for motorhome and caravan storage, spotless, very secure, offers on site motorhome accommodation and as the cherry on top, it’s cheaper. The downside is that it’s a little isolated.

The easy access we have to Truro’s amenities will be no more. That’s going to take a little getting used to. I’ll have to find replacements for all that’s familiar in the new neighbouring villages, all of which seem pretty tiny.

We farewell the view that’s heralded the start and end of seven years’ worth of travel and set out to pick up the hire car.

Cornwall clearly knows we’re leaving, putting on a display of bright sunshine. I’m feeling very nostalgic about our time here, Truro has come to be very much a second home. I think I’ll miss it terribly.

By day’s end, the bulk of the work is completed, leaving tomorrow to trek east, to our new storage facility.

Brave new world, here we come.