2019 Day 131 – Rain, rain, go away

The morning sees us back amongst the hedgerows, driving through Devon’s Blackdown Hills.

It’s drizzling, of course, but it’s not been quite the terror that was forecast from Hurricane Lorenzo. Other areas of the UK have been hit much harder, I suspect. I’m downgrading it to nuisance factor, just cold and drizzly enough to stop us from doing anything fun.

It is very lovely though, enveloped amidst every shade of green. It’s a firm upside of all the rain.

We’ll tick off the last of our motorhome errands today, calling in to VanBitz to collect a couple of new security warning stickers. Ours are looking a little neglected. Luckily the workshop is adjacent to a farm and lots of greenery, so while Himself goes on about boys’ matters, I take myself off to look for creatures.

I find some curious sheep,

but what I’m really looking for is squirrels. Last time we were here, a pair of them were gambolling under the apple trees. Much joy.🐿️

But it seems I’m out of luck today. I do find squirrelly evidence though – two apples, expertly nibbled by very precise little teeth. Squirrel business, I’m sure.

The stormclouds gather meanwhile, set on their determined course to rob us of our afternoon.

Sure enough, by the time our afternoon drive comes to an end, it’s too inclement to do anything that involves leaving the motorhome.

*Sigh* It’s days like this I miss being in a city where musuems, art galleries, cinemas and shopping can take the sting out of rainy days.