2019 Day 121 – Fixed, finally!

Right. Up early. I love that so much. I jest, of course. Early mornings are an anathema to me. Boo! Hiss! There’d better be coffee before my feet hit the floor! Luckily, there is, Himself being well versed in my aversion to early mornings. And there are squirrels flitting about. That goes a long way to lifting my spirits.

Eventually, I’ve got my act together. We hand the motorhome over and set off through the woods to Wokingham, nearest town to our workshop. It’s a tricky balancing act, to time our return – the work could take a couple of hours, or all day.

Wokingham is an interesting area, we’re in Gorrick woodland one moment,

suburbs the next.

Along the way we spot this cute interpretation of a woodland home on the trunk of an old tree – very Beatrix Potter.

Until it’s time to go back, there’s nothing to do but potter: browse in the shops, stop for brunch,

buy yet another cookbook which threatens to dangerously tip our luggage weight allowance. Cookbooks are dangerously addictive and we’ve succumbed more than once.

Wokingham has a little gem at its heart – the 1890 Town Hall:

Eventually, we’re shopped out and can be fed and watered no more. It’s time to go home.

Luckily the motorhome is finished. We have a driver’s window that works and all the other little repairs are done as well. Yay! Success!

Himself decides we’ll stay where we are, in amongst the bunnies and squirrels,

moving to Abbey Wood then London, tomorrow.

The UK is about to be hit with the first of Autumn’s storms. Ten days of rain, the flow on effects of Hurricane Humberto. The rains hit as night falls. They’ve played a big part in our decision to spend a few days in London – there’s so much to do indoors there, when the weather is inclement.