2019 Day 87 – Schwartzwald

Well they said it would rain, and it does. All day, without let up. The temperature has plummeted too, from highs in the mid to high 20s to a very chilly top of 13 degrees. Just for the day mind, tomorrow is meant to be lovely again.

The inclement weather means our tour of the Black Forest is largely done from the car.

As lovely as it is washed brightly clean by the rain, I’m glad we had the opportunity to see it in sunshine, in 2015.

We stop for lunch (but secretly to find Black Forest cake) and get a little respite from the rain. We’re not far away from the Alsace region in France and its influence is seen in the menu, with my flammenkuchen.

Himself has schnitzel with mushroom sauce.

But best of all, there’s a Schwartzwald Kirchetorte beckoning from behind glass. Not that we would manage it after lunch – two slices are tucked away for later.

Back on the road, it’s quite magical driving in the rain and low cloud.

Himself dons his Fearless persona surefooting it through wet mountain roads, hairpin turns and slippery conditions with barely a second glance. Meanwhile, Squiz and I take photographs and marvel at how lovely it all is. Although, between you and me, I think Squiz is quite pleased to be inside.

It doesn’t matter how many times I come here and see it’s a real place, the Black Forest will always be fairytale place to me. It brings to mind portals to other worlds where dark Queens, poisoned apples and princesses fair could be just behind the next clearing.

We end the day on the Rhine betwixt Germany and France, near Breisach.

Our timeline, having been stretched to include the Czech Republic seems to have bounced back with two solid days driving. It’s left me wondering whether we should have spent a little more time in Germany, before crossing to France. It’s one of the pitfalls of traveling without a firm plan – the vagaries of managing time. But there’s cake to soften the blow (it was yummy, in case you’re wondering)

and a fine day to look forward to tomorrow.

Perhaps we’ll stay to explore nearby Breisach, squeezing in a last stop in Germany.