2019 Day 68 – Kazimierz Dolny

Right. A quieter pace today perhaps? Yesterday’s marathon effort knocked us both out a little. But not too quiet!First, the Gothic castle and tower on the hill. Nothing like a kilometre of stairs to get the heart rate up. The castle and tower date back to the second half of the 14th century, extended in the 15th and 16th centuries.Built to protect the village below by King Casimir III, both have commanding views over the river Vistula.Restoration works commenced following WWII, continuing through to the 1970s. With 7 metre white stone walls, it’s an impressive stronghold. Even if the climb up didn’t weaken your resolve!The heat gets to us in the end – the reflections off the white stone are blinding.There’s time to pop into the market square to photograph the well I missed yesterdaybefore Himself executes the remainder of his plan: lunch then a river cruise. He locates a restaurant he fancies which ends up being a Lebanese feast: haloumi, eggplant dip, hummus with lamb and pinenuts, prawns and lamb pita.Delicious! My rose iced tea is very reminiscent of turkish delight.Lunch eases us delightfully into the afternoon and onto the river boat.It’s rather peaceful, despite the raging current below.We learn that the Vistula is one of the last truly wild rivers in Europe, haven to a wide range of water birds.Indeed we see terns fishing, diving headlong into the water. Try as I might though, I don’t spot any other wildlife. We do pass the 16th century Janowiec castle in the distance, now a museum.Great views of Kazimierz Dolny’s castle and tower can still be seen in our return journey.Restful day? Check.