2019 Day 58 – Trencin

We’re inching our way north through West Slovakia, through spa towns, endless corn and wheat fields and the occasional castle perched on a rocky outcrop.

Following the path of the Vah river, our aim is Trencin, a town that dates back to an AD 179 Roman battle with the Quadi, a German tribe. There’s an inscription dedicated to the battle, carved high into the mountain that’s survived all this time. I’ll need to take the town’s word for it, having left my mountain goat persona to one side temporarily. 😉🐐

Trencin’s crowning glory is its spectacular gothic castle, built in the 11th century.

It dominants the view, visible for miles. As beautiful as it, it’s far too hot for a steep vertical climb. And yes, as I write this later, I’m rather kicking myself that we didn’t.

We concentrate instead on Trencin’s main square, Mierove Namestie.

It’s another beautifully preserved slice of history,

with an original tower gateway,

remnants of the original city walls and the beautiful baroque Piarist Church.

You’ll not be surprised in the least that lunch is high on the agenda. Nor at Himself’s order. Look at those eager little hands…

I stick to a lighter option, a good blend of salad and grilled mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto.

I’m enjoying the rose wine of the region too. With a hint of fruit, it offsets the saltiness of the prosciutto perfectly. Over lunch, I make a friend – this little pompom, a cloud of soft golden fluff, who stops by for some love.

It occurs to me at some point during lunch, that this retirement lark might have some merit.

Post lunch, a little more mellow, we wander part way up the climb,

to see the Katov Dom, a well preserved burgher’s house, once home to the town’s executioner and also its prison.

One can only wonder why they needed an on site executioner.

Defeated by the heat we eventually wander home, to sit by the river and wait for the sun to go down.

There’s entertainment too, we’re near the local rowing club and they come out in force once the sun abates. But its not until they leave that I get the shot I want, the castle reflected in the waters of the Vah.

The ever changing light of early evening is rather lovely too.