2019 Day 48 – Another day in Wachau

We’re full of resolve today. A healthy day we say: a light lunch, definitely no eating out. And starting as we mean to go on, we start the day with a walk through Weissenkirchen in der Wachau. It’s famous church is set high on high (where else, of course!) with access through a covered stepped staircase. It’s another church with built in defences – archer’s arrow slits. Construction commenced in the 13th century, not concluding until the 15th.The village is rather lovely too, with one vineyard following the other. A bit early for winemakers though – probably not much call for wine tasting pre lunch.And as far as resolve goes, we do so well… until lunch time, when on our morning walk, Himself spots a restaurant he fancies. *Sigh*. It seems our will could be stronger. It’s lovely though, to sit for a while and enjoy. I have an excellent goulash with rye/caraway seed dumplings, topped with an egg, which goes suprisingly well. Himself a grill pork cutlet.Later in the afternoon, we venture a little further down river, towards the end of the Wachau. There’s a rare bridge, allowing us to cross.Across the river, an exploratory walk is called for. Quite interesting looking at the bank from the opposite side, lit up by the afternoon light. There’s a boat crossing too – perhaps the current is a little more forgiving here.It’s very pretty on this side, in Rossatzbach, very green, with old established trees.

And as luck would have it, on this walk, we may have come across this spit roast in progress, which we may have treked back later to enjoy, along with an accidental litre of rather lovely red wine, accompanied by a local band, belting out Elvis classics, in German. Not that it mattered, we could sing along anyway.Perhaps we’ll try for a healthier day tomorrow.