2019 Day 46 – The Danube

With a little insider knowledge from a wine man at Dan Murphys, we’re heading towards the Wachau valley along the Danube. It’s been designated a UNESCO World Heritage area and is also one of Austrias well regarded wine regions. Famous predominantly for its white wines, Himself intends to stock up before we hit Poland. According to our new Polish friends, the wine there might bring challenges.

Our path is riverside – the road hugs the Danube for kilometres, with villages and castles tucked away periodically.

This is also prime fruit growing territory, with apricots and cherries available straight off the trees. In terms of “food miles” it would barely be 10 metres from supply to sale.

You can’t beat fruit that’s been ripened properly on a tree. We stock up of course, also picking up handmade preserves – yum. If you were to travel in autumn, locally grown walnuts would be on offer – the nuts are just setting now.

Lunch is had in Grein, overlooking the Danube. It’s an interesting river, full of swirls and eddies. It looks deceptively calm, until you notice the strength of the current against a stationary point. Himself is very happy with traditional sausage fare: frankfurters in a goulash soup – very tasty.

I have baked camembert. I’m missing my French cheese a little.

The Danube River cruises we read so much about at home, pass us with some regularity. Barges too, unladen mostly. For such an extensive river there are surprisingly few crossings from one side to the other, either bridge or ferry based.

We don’t quite make the Wachau valley by day’s end, but it’s of little concern. There’s a perfect spot riverside with our name on it, and the lovely village of Aggsbach Markt to walk to.

The bike paths here are excellent, but as luck would have it, I’m restricting myself to walking at present. It works almost as well, even if we can travel as fast.