2019 Day 44 – Meandering through the Austrian alps

We start the morning with a hike. Sounds much more impressive than a walk, but we’re in the mountains, so a hike it is. It’s a glorious day to be surrounded by spruce, gorgeous views and wildflowers.

Our path is a logging track but this morning we have it largely to ourselves.

And the triffids. (It’s what I call the wind turbines.)

I’ve never been up this close to one. Very controversial in Australia, with farmers complaining about noise affecting their livestock. I’m not sure why – the noise they make is intermittent and minimal, at best.

It’s not quite a hamster wheel, but the fresh air blows a few cobwebs away.

Nature is always the perfect antidote to what ails you. It’s the micro scale that catches my eye today – random patches of flowers that occur nowhere else, clusters of grasshoppers who cast a beady eye over proceedings and tiny butterflies fluttering about. It’s very peaceful.

By the time we return, the clouds have blown in. It’s time to resume our trek north.

Our journey is another of Himself’s “green paths” weaving out of the Seckauer Alpen, through the Eisenerzer Alpen, into the Enstaler Alpen. In short, it’s mountains as far as the eye can see. While he navigates the mountains roads in a truly fearless manner, I’m left to marvel at our surroundings.

The scenery continues to be lushly green: rolling verdant hillside meadows, picturesque villages and soaring mountains.

We stop breifly for supplies in Wiesskirchen and pop into the church for which the village is named.

By day’s end, snow capped mountains are in sight. Thanks to trying to find the perfect spot for the night, we end the day in the village of Admont.

By a silly oversight, we have no guidebook for Austria, otherwise, we would have guided ourselves here purposefully. It’s the home of the largest monastic library in the world, exceeding the Vatican’s collection. Housed apparently, in an exquisite library. Thanks to a happy “needing a spot to park for the night” coincide, we’ll have the opportunity to see tomorrow.

For tonight, I’ll settle for a walk around the Abbey’s grounds and lake, where we meet a pair of swans with 5 fluffy cygnets and many ducks going about their evening chores with a sense of some importance.