2019 Day 40 – Ljubljana

It would be impossible for me to be in Ljubljana and not start the day with a visit to Tivoli Park, site of many happy squirrel moments last year. Himself is asked to wake me early, in keeping with squirrel breakfast times. And so armed with a fortifying coffee and nut offerings, off we set.

Last year I lost count of how many squizlings we saw but this morning, there’s just one tiny one, still out about his squirrelly business – we must have come a little late.

But…there’s a bonus. Where last year’s squirrels kept a circumspect distance, this little one is more curious. He comes up for treats, taking them right out of my hand. Right. Out. Of. My. Hand. *Happy dance* It’s the first time a red squirrel has allowed me a hand feeding – to say I’m overjoyed would be a significant understatement.

What I’m lacking in squirrel quantity is surely made up by the quality of this encounter.

Also rather magical are the tiny wild birds, trained by years of public favour, to accept crushed nuts out of people’s hands. Landing with the lightest of touches, they carefully select a morsel and flitter away. Nearby, spring chicks fluff themselves up, squawking for their parent’s share.

We spend a happy hour or so, in squirrel and birdy heaven. I do love my Snow White moments: little wild creatures, eating right out of my hand. It doesn’t get much better than that.

It’s not until my little pretty little red buddy decides it’s time for his mid morning nap, that Chris can tear me away. He can’t stop me twittering away happily though – there’s no better high than a good squirrel encounter!

I don’t know how we managed it, but Ljubljana has turned on an utterly glorious day, nary a heat wave in sight. It’s perfect pottering weather.

We explored at length last year, spending a few days taking in all the sights. Consequently, we’re free to take a more leisurely pace today, popping into the market (cherry season!), taking in the three bridge centre, walking along the river, visiting the dragon

and scoping where to have lunch. Ljubljana is looking fabulous.Whilst there are endless options for lunch, we opt for local cuisine. Slovenian food has evolved with the influence of its neighbours. Those flavours are reflected in our lunch choices: a fall off the bone tender pork knuckle for Himselfand a veal fillet with truffled potato and asparagus for me.A local cabernet sets everything off a treat. Delicious! After lunch we explore a little more then retreat for a rest. The excitement of squirrel adventures to come meant very little sleep for me last night…

And in an unprecedented move, we venture out again that night, ostensibly for a light chevapchi snack that gets a little sidetracked. Himself answers the siren call of a burger bar and it’s here we settle for what amounts to be more than a snack.

I’ll be putting in an order for a hamster wheel shortly – we’re eating far too much, delightful as it all is.

Having analyzed this morning’s squirrel encounter at length, I’ve decided what’s called for, is an earlier start. With strict instructions to wake me in wee hours, we walk home, me skipping in anticipation of what tomorrow might bring.

The city is in the midst of a performance festival – free events are being held in public places and the music is pumping. I love Ljubljana – it’s a city I’d live in happily.