2019 Day 39 – Treviso

It’s been a while, but it’s bikes out this morning. The heat is threating to be ferocious, so the less walking, the better.

Yesterday’s sneak preview of Treviso revealed barely a glimpse of what’s on offer. Despite the heat, we do our best, exploring on foot once we reach the perimeter wall. No just a wall mind, but a moat too.

And a very fine gate! That little dot on the left is Himself, to give you an idea of perspective. (He’s so useful…)

Whilst we’ve seen many a walled town, I think this is the first moated one. With a settlement dating back to 89 BC, there’s no shortage of history here.

We pop into the 9th century church, the Santa Maria Maggiore. Rebuilt in the 14th and 15th centuries, its treasures are beautiful frescoes

and a carefully guarded painting of the Virgin Mary.

There’s the Latin Quarter with its historic ruins – building footprints from Roman times,

glorious architecture, endless covered, prettily decorated, portico walkways,

the loggia, built in 1276 on the intersection of key Roman roads as a meeting point for nobility,

and the very impressive Palazzo della, Ragione, dating back to the earliest 1200s.

Adding to the charm are Treviso’s beautiful canals, a little Venice indeed, with none of the pesky tourist hordes.

Himself gets a haircut while I potter about marvelling at everything,

accidentally buying a couple of pairs of sandals (excellent shopping here), and coming across this cheeky minx, built as a public drinking fountain and water source for merchants in 1559. I’m guessing a favourite with teenaged boys, even then.

And seeing as it’s our last day in Italy (which I’m a more than little sad about) it would be positively rude not to go out for lunch. We’re spoilt for choice. Treviso would have to have one of the highest restaurant seats per capita I’ve come across.

I opt for a classic: spaghetti vongole, with teeny weeny clams, no larger than a fingernail, in a light white wine sauce.

Himself has the gnocchi with ragu: fluffy potato pillows in a richly flavoured meat sauce. Oh my lord, do the Italians know food – both dishes are excellent.

By mid afternoon, the temperature has climbed to 40 degrees. It’s time to admit defeat, to retreat in the air-conditioned comfort of the motorhome. We’ve planned it so the hottest part of the day will be spent driving. We’re aiming for Ljubljana, a place we fell in love with last year. Very excited – it’s one of my favourite places.

I’m very sorry to be leaving Italy, but the heat defeated us in the end. Towns like Treviso really need time to unearth thier treasures. Autumn works well here – I’m sure we’ll be back.

There’s just time when we arrive in Ljubljana to run into town and arm myself with nuts. I have a squirrel date in Tivoli Park the morning. Can’t wait!! 🐾🐿️