2019 Day 38 – The long trek east

It’s very unlike us to get even a whiff of motorway on our travels. Give me a gorgeous country road, every time. But despite this, here we are, spending virtually a whole day on the motorway. A few things have lead to this decision: traveling to the lavender fields took us much further south then we’d original planned (the whole length of France, actually), the relentless heat, and the realisation just how far away the Czech Republic and Poland still are, 38 days into our travels.

Other than the boredom factor, I don’t mind really. Once off the paid roads, Italian roads are bone jaring potholed horrors. The boredom factor is high though – our surroundings are endless trucks punctuated only by the occasional cornfield or distant vineyard. I do see two trucks that are a little more interesting. This one, with the Disney crew on board, and another, with a rabbitty logo. One has to amuse oneself where one can.

We arrive in Treviso, just north of Venice, by late afternoon, stopping briefly to swoon at the local produce enroute. If there’s anything I’d like to bring home en masse, it’s European supermarkets. They put ours to shame.

But the real highlight of the day is dinner. Himself has selected a restaurant nearby, nary a tourist to be seen. We wander in under a heavy blanket of heat, but not before getting a glimpse of the canals we hope to explore tomorrow – complete with a fat carp hovering!

We’re early of course, even at 7.30, the locals are barely at the drinks and nibbles stage.

It’s another excellent meal with the usual starters

then a perfectly executed pesto pasta for me,

and osso bucco for himself.

This old school Italian food – exquisite ingredients, simply but perfectly executed. A vat of local wine takes our mind off the heat. Annoyingly, I think it’s following us east.