2019 Day 21 – Colmar

We just can’t resist staying another day in Colmar, especially when the morning delivers blue skies. It’s all the encouragement I need to make a beeline to Little Venice for the perfectly framed shot yesterday’s grey skies robbed me of. Success!

It’s Saturday, which comes with an expected swell of crowds and tour groups.

Our sights are set a little further out though – along the tourist walk through Colmar’s gardens featuring statues of military leaders, honoured for their achievements in battle.

It’s quite peaceful, well away from the regular tourist haunts. The timelines of this walk change too – out of the 16th and 17th centuries, into the 18th and 19th.

The debate for lunch (so very tempting just to go back to yesterday’s market lunch) sees us eventually settle near a canal for some classic fare. Another tarte flambe for me, (not a patch on the one I had at the market)

but Himself has the pick of the day with a roesti – grated potato and onion, with lardons and melted cheese – the ultimate comfort food. Excellent local wine eases us into the late afternoon.

Our views however, are excellent.

It’s our last day in Colmar, so we pick up a few supplies. We’re in very little danger of running out of food, I can assure you. In addition to the market treats there’s an extensive choice on offer in independently owned shops.

Colmar is a very friendly place – everyone is curious to know where we’re from. Our cheesemonger is horrified to hear of the cost of cheese in Australia. Me too, truth be told.

There’s just enough time (read: energy) left to lap little Venice again to take in the last sights.

We finally locate the tourist office to pick up a map of the Alscace wine trail, of which Colmar is the capital.

I can’t recommend Colmar highly enough, it’s one of the prettiest places we’ve been. If you haven’t been, put it on your list.