2019 Day 9 – Birthday celebrations in London

Right! We’re up! And on a plan London bound! A short train ride later we’re there. Always extraordinary, the difference between city and country. Upheld by centuries of history, London stands majestically before us. And we’re here the moment Trump arrives! Choppers above herald his landing at Buckingham Palace. For one, I’m glad I’m this far away. He’s not my favourite of people, despite what good he’s rendering for the local economy.

Thanks to Himself’s excellent organisational skills, Spring and Somerset House are only a short walk before us.

It’s the loveliest of settings, a symphony of pale greens and whites. The photo really doesn’t do it justice.

We’re joined very shortly by Colin, Himself’s brother-in-law, an unexpectedly pleasure to catch up whilst we’re away. I do love those rare occasions we are able to meet up with people we love when we travel.

The meal that follows is truly wonderful, a showcase of the best Spring and spring has to offer. You’ll forgive me, I’m sure, only pictures of my own meal: vitello tonnato,

an eye fillet with spring greens and rich tomato concasse to follow, cheeses acompanied by honeycomb, fresh peas, wine jellies and other delights to finish.

Oh my goodness. Yum! It’s faultless, with wine choices aided by a sommelier who guides us flawlessly.

Now the average person would be done by lunch’s end, but no, we’ve other delights yet to come. We’ve heard tales of exceptional martinis and we set off to see if the legends are true.

Tucked a short walk away is Dukes, home of the martinis in question, where they’re made at the table with spirits kept so chilled they’re syrupy on pour. Amalfi lemons deliver the required twist.

It’s quite the performance – our cheeky Italian mixologist is quite the performer.

And so sated and watered, we succumb to not one, but two, of these killer drinks each. I’m not sure what we were thinking with the second one, but oh my, was it ever so good!

Just as well one of us has hollow legs to supervise the journey home. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Himself.

What a fabulous birthday celebration, if a couple of days early!