2019 Day 8 – Squirrelly heaven in Abbey Wood

It’s a bit of a lost day. Himself is keen to settle in Abbey Wood and explore how we get to London the following day. I would have been happy spending the morning reaquainting ourselves with Henley on Thames, but I’m overruled. *Sigh*. Can’t have everything my way, I know.
It’s a relatively short drive drive away, across the bottom of London’s ring road. I’m very glad we’re not going in the other direction – traffic is at a standstill going back for miles.

Abbey Wood renders delightful surprise – spring babies, squirrels, in their dozens zipping about going about their squirrelly business. Once more I’m furry bliss, missing Henley on Thames long forgotten.

They’re highly entertaining to watch, chasing each other endlessly around and up trees or flitting across grass, tails held proudly high or flicking furiously when they’re not quite sure about something.

The little ones haven’t quite worked out humans yet: while grown ups come closer for treats, the babies keep a watchful distance. I prop myself outside with a book, ostensibly reading, but secretly in squirrel heaven.

Later in the way we scope the short distance to the train, an overland service that links through to the Underground. Oyster cards are topped up and Himself is finally calm, having his plan in place. I, less so, feeling the day has slipped away from me. Those who know me well will know that I’m not terribly good without something to do. I try to coax him out to explore the nearby Abbey ruins without success, so it’s back to the squirrels we go, for a quiet night in.

Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, but without a busy season to exhaust me pre trip, I’m decidedly friskier with far more energy to burn than usual!