2018 Day 124 – Truro

Yesterday’s efforts pay off without the pressing urge to leap out of bed* to clean and pack like a woman possessed.

(*Never happens – I have to be coaxed out with the scent of coffee and preferably, the promise of a treat.)

It’s raining again. I think it’s nature’s way of giving me a little push toward home, where summer beckons.

We spend a delightfully slow morning before I rouse myself to tick a few more chores off my list. Just the thing to justify trip to into Truro later in the day where we find Christmas in full swing. Truro is looking very pretty decorated in lights. I can’t wait for the sun to go down.

It’s straight to Waterstones for me, to browse the latest books. I’ve been pretty active on line though and so have read quite a number of the recent releases. We haven’t yet decided where we’re traveling to next year. I usually buy a book that covers our next journey at the end of each trip, so it’s a rare book free exit from Waterstones, but I feel I’ll be back there soon enough, if only for their excellent hot chocolate.

Himself is out of sorts and broodingly trails behind though visits to various shops as I pick up a few things.

I’m just loving the winter fashion, both here and in France. Not so much for the style (although it is mostly lovely) but for its cozy nature. The byword is snug – soft, warm wools and fabrics designed to keep the cold at bay. And there are so many gorgeous coats to choose from! Lyon had a dizzying array of choice, I’m still kicking myself over a few I talked myself out of.

In keeping with our wintery Christmas theme, we stop by the pub for a pre dinner drink. A mulled wine is the perfect antidote to the cold outside.

We’ve left it a bit late to book for Saturday night dinner so the first few places I call are full. In the end, we stay local for Chinese. We’re a long way from Asia, but the chef is authentic and it ends up being a nice meal – chilli pork ribs and prawns with green peppers and black bean sauce.

It’s our first Asian meal in four months – another thing I miss from home.

The Christmas lights meanwhile, are looking fabulous in the dark. The Truro cathedral too, is looking magnificent.