2018 Day 121 – Cherbourg

With Cherbourg in our sights, it’s another pre dawn start to beat the protesters. Success! We roll into town without issue, still in the dark well before they’re even up. This time we’re a bit smarter…and go straight back to bed. Those early starts are not my idea of a good time. Zzzzzz.

Zombie phase over, it’s time to rug up and hunt for lunch. The wind across the marina is bitter, even though the sun is out.

We make it to the main square to the gorgeously ornate Theatre le Trident restaurant.

It’s so nice not to be trapped inside. My goats cheese salad is most yummy.

Burger boy does his thing. Old favourites 😊.

It’s such a relief to have made it to Cherbourg. The ferry wharf is only 2 km away and given that we don’t leave until evening, we’ve got all day to make it there. Yesterday’s protest trick was to block access to service to service stations so that nobody could buy fuel. Whilst I’m sad to be leaving France, I’ll be very glad to see the back of this protest.

After lunch we brace the cold to see a little of the town. We see the Basilique Sainte Trinite,

learn a little about Cherbourg’s history – it was an important naval port in Napoleon’s time

and a key strategic defence port in WWII – there’s a bunker still here,

and take a speedy walk though town.

We’re still here tomorrow, so we’ll see more then. We’ve managed to change our ferry booking to tomorrow night, but there’s still a day to fill.