2018 Day 120 – Two can play that game

If you’ve read yesterday’s blog post, you’ll know my views on the fuel protestors in France. And understand that chaos they’ve caused.

Given that we failed to arrive in Honfleur yesterday, a sixty kilometre journey, despite spending all day on the road, a new approach is called for. Especially given that we have over 200 kilometres to drive to get to the ferry, and a finite date to arrive by.

My thinking (to acheive our goal) is this: given the protesters’ disorganisation, combined with their party atmosphere and the exceedingly cold weather overnight, I don’t think they’re organised or committed enough to roster a focused front on a 24 hour basis. I reason therefore, if we travel in the dark, we should be able to push through, sans blockades.

Himself agrees, and being a morning person, this means an oh so very early start. We’re up at 5 am to frost and rain, which make for a scary drive on pitch black country roads. We’re keeping well off the toll roads – with stories of tollways being torched, there’s damage that might be impassable.

Thankfully, we see no creatures and no blockades. Only a few other cars testing the same theory we are. There are trucks stranded everywhere on roadsides. On one section of the toll road, we can see a line of trucks that goes for miles.

My theory proves correct – the protestors don’t emerge until light, around 8.30 am, promptly grinding traffic to a halt.

We almost made Cherbourg, covering all bar the last 25 kilometres. I did suggest to Himself that our departure should have been 4 am, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. I don’t blame him, 5 am was brutal enough.

The day continues to be miserable, cold and rainy, with a shifting promise of snow that never arrives. We’re in the middle of nowhere, so even if it wasn’t the weather, there’s nothing to really do, bar snuggle into the warmth of indoors and pass the day with books and movies. I do a little Christmas planning. December’s going to be a busy month.

If we can complete our journey tomorrow, Chris will try to change our ferry, to leave earlier. If we can’t spend these last few days village hopping, there’s no point staying. We didn’t come to France to be trapped inside doing nothing, or worse, stuck in traffic. Very cross at having our plans highjacked. I always enjoy those last few days away, before the almighty pack and clean fest.

Understandably, there was little (nothing) to photograph today, but here’s photo of the gorgeous Honfleur (from a prior visit) we were so looking forward to, to go someway towards explain why I’m so cross.