2018 Day 112 – Rain and rest

Well it took 112 days, but I think we finally managed a day of rest. Possibly only the second one on this trip. I don’t really count the first, trapped inside with raging storms.

The rain that crept in yesterday has settled in for the day. It’s really not a problem because we still have quite a distance before we make it to the ferry in time – whilst we can balance driving and rain, it’s a fair trade.

We’ve learnt a long time ago that when it rains, we lunch. Today is no exception, stopping at the pretty village of Preuilly sur Claise. It’s an interesting offering, purely what the French call “menu” driven, with a series of menu combinations, no a la carte. Entree for plat du jour is a buffet of nibbles you find in homes but rarely in restaurants. The rillettes are particularly good as was the salmon mousse.

Main is a chicken brochette cooked in red wine sauce,

finishing with ile flottante for dessert.

I take a few photos of the village after lunch

and get an exciting surprise in the river – there’s a capybara swimming for all he’s worth to the centre island. I’m so captivated having seen him, I actually forget to take a photo – unheard of for me.

We travel a little further, but the remainder of the day is genuinely spent at rest.

There’s a Marian Keyes novel calling my name, devoured one sitting, while Chris plows through Downton Abbey, trying to catching to where I am. Good luck with that.

Despite technically being a holiday, we rarely get a day of rest. There’s always so much to do and see. It’s not until the end of these trips that you realise how tiring being on the go all the time can be. It’s a first world problem, I know.