2018 Day 93 – Allegedly, a “rest”

So you know I crunched my ankle at an angle that no ankle was ever meant to be. Then walked on it for 5 hours or so in Bologna. That ended with an ice pack, aka, not so fabulous.

So when Chris suggests that we have a day of rest before we hit Modena, I’m easily convinced that it’s a good idea.

Here’s what really happened…

It’s a fabulously sunny day, which, with time to spare, leads thoughts of laundry. “Rinsing a few things out” turns to “let’s find a laundromat and wash everything that isn’t tied down”. So that takes a while. We then drive to Modena where the site has a motorhome washing bay…so we do that as well. Then there are the curtains that I’ve been meaning to wash for ages.

And seeing as the outside looks sparkling, we might as well do the inside, and that’s a bigger job then it looks… and so there the day goes. It’s not walking for 5 hours I grant you, but I think I’m more tired at the end of the day than I was yesterday, with all the walking.

There are some rewards: the motorhome sparkles, inside and out.

A few of the housekeeping jobs I had slated for the end of the trip are now done. A few less things for Dobby to do then. Future Dobby is very grateful.

There’s also a fabulously good dinner as a reward: steaks from the Stourhead farm shop that have been waiting for the right moment and a good bottle of red. The Rizman red from Croatia’s coast makes an excellent accompaniment.

Not only that, but there’s an extraordinary violet and pink sunset,

and not one, but two ladybirds came to visit me today. Very fond of ladybirds. 🐞

We also see a Concorde, at the high end of the motorhome scale, putting its car away did the night. Yes, really. A motorhome so large you can park a car in its garage.

In Australia, these go for the price of a nice apartment in a good suburb in Melbourne. Here they’re a little more affordable, but I still wonder: how do they cope in the tight spots? We’re 7.5 metres long and just barely scrape by in many places. Add a couple of metres and you’d limit where you could drive, stay and park. Significantly, I would have thought.

I might have rested my ankle somewhat today, but I (we both) worked hard. I’m looking forward to being a tourist again tomorrow.