2018 Day 54 – Swiss Alps

Continuing our mountain theme, we traverse from the Austrian Alps to the Swiss Alps.

The route back into Switzerland lulls me into a false sense of security with a downhill covered underpass, but shortly after it demands one hairpin turn after the other.

We’re traveling over the Julier Pass, a breathtakingly scenic route. Despite many a Swiss village dotting our way, our surroundings are much wilder then those of Austria.

Gone are the endlessly green manicured slopes, replaced with rocky outcrops indispersed with thick forest and soaring peaks. These mountains are higher I’m sure, judging by their bleak peaks, devoid of any plant life. It’s oh so very beautiful – once again I’m in photographic bliss.

The Julierpass, once we’re on it, is a gentler thoroughfare – through the mountains rather than over them. We pass endless mountain streams, some a trickle, others a roar, all the mesmerising aquamarine that’s unique to alpine waters.

Unexpectedly, we also drive though St Moritz, one of the winter playgrounds this area is famous for. In summer it’s a little more family friendly, full of hikers and water sports on the lake. It’s a pretty spot, but in winter it would be magical.

Skating on the lake would be awesome. Even better if one could actually skate…😂

I must be right about the mountains being higher here as, at last, we see snow. Rounding a corner we’re greeted by a series of thickly covered snowcapped peaks, a glacier snaking its way down between them, a waterfall frozen forever in time.

Alpine ibex live in these mountains. With their enormous curved horns, you’d think they’d be an easy creature to spot, but the closest we come is hoof prints, later in the day (below). There are also marmot, lynx, wolves and bears…oh my!

It’s a tricky place to find a place to prop for the night, but eventually we find the perfect spot, surrounded by mountains, water, and even snow.

It’s an excellent spot, next to walking and biking trails – just the thing for an afternoon hike. Try as I might, there are no creatures bar happy hounds on a run.

Pretty wildflowers and the lakewill have to do.