2018 Day 45 – Oberhaslach

So. A small misstep by himself last night has changed our plans a little. Confident in his indestructiblity, he decided to walk down an embankment. A 40 degree grassed embankment. At night. In the wet. Of course he fell, and almost knock three toes off in the process. I’m debating what might have hurt more: the toes, or having to fess up to it. The latter, I suspect, despite this:

It means that instead of traipsing around Strasbourg, we’re cooling our heels in the Alsace-Lorraine, resting said foot.

Luckily this is no hardship. We drive through more gorgeous forest, the Du Donon this time, I develop eye strain looking for creatures that never appear, and have a generally lovely time.

We’re really in the mountains now, where autumn is threatening to break summer’s hold.

We’re surrounded by pretty villages, tall tales of wild boar, even beavers live here. Just not in the stream next to me. *Sigh*.

Late afternoon sees a massive storm hit. Lightening flashes overhead indispersed with the booming cracks of thunder, right above us. It’s terrifically close, thrilling and scary in equal parts.

Later I walk into the village, sparkling clean following the rain. I’m not sure I’ve seen a village more festooned with flowers. It’s gorgeous.

Just out of the village, where we parked is a nature reserve, set aside to protect many varieties of frogs and birds, it’s set up as an educational facility too, with signs explaining the creatures and their habitats.

Hoppy stays put: it’s up to me to bring home the bacon. And by bacon, I mean coffee eclairs as a post dinner treat. My French extends relatively well to matters pertaining to food. Merci beaucoup.

Let’s hope he’s more mobile tomorrow.

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