2018 Day 41 – Verdun and Metz

Great plans for this morning: up early and off to the covered market, which the tourist office assures us is open on Sunday, but it’s not…sigh. Not on Saturday either, which is unusual. We actually needed a few things too, but possibly not more cheese! 😂

Still, it’s a gorgeous morning and walking into town is no hardship. Especially when you encounter not only a smoking rabbit,

but a man having breakfast with his parrot (who roams freely), a ginger cat fishing for lunch with his owner and this little one, who couldn’t get enough pats (he tried pretty hard though).

Having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, it’s time we say our farewell to Verdun. We’re driving continued East, onward to Strasbourg, thorough the Meuse region. Lovey it is too, with beautiful forests nestled between open farm land full of curious cows, happy to offer their opinion when Chris attempts a U turn.

We have a great time with birdy sightings today, seeing an owl, a magnificent eagle on ground level, two herons and a few birds of prey. No deer though, despite lots of signs for them. I almost got to visit a truffle farm: we found it, but it was only open from October.

By mid afternoon, we’re in Metz, suprisingly close to the German border, on the River Moselle. Parts of the old city here are set on canals, with some buildings built into the water.

There’s the Metz cathedral to explore, with its extraordinary 42 metre ceilings and Roman baptism bath, designed to dunk adults whole,

the theatre district built in the 1700s

and a wonderful pop up garden in the square representing different areas of the world and a few of the infinite uses of plants.

Who ever designed it has an excellent eye for colour and form. It’s transformed the relatively plain square into something quite extraordinary.

We’re lucky enough to be here when there’s a multidimensional art installation on display too – 75 seperate works decorate the city, some of which are lit up in the evening.

Hopefully I can coax Chris out later (later note: fail), but for now, I’ll add this little squirrel to my “sightings”. They probably specialise in cakes with nuts. 😁

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