2018 Day 25 – Europe, here we come

In the end, the weather decided for us.

We were Scotland bound and had driven as far up as Yorkshire, within twitching distance of Peter Rabbit and the Lakes District, both firm favourites.

Scotland has so much to offer: stunning mountainous scenery, peaceful lakes, seals popping their sleek heads up out of the water with delightful regularity…but so close to the end of summer, the weather can be inclement.

True to form, we wake to rain. For all the lush Yorkshire greenery that surrounds us, France’s delights beckon: our rain would be swapped for their sun and then there’s all that cheese and it’s siren call.

Last night we debated continuing North through the UK, but this morning our path is clear: a sharp U-turn is called for. We’ll save seeing Scotland again for another visit, closer to the start of summer.

Yorkshire’s gentle green fields with their beautiful stone fencing are quickly left behind.

Snowy white sheep, washed clean in the rain bear witness to our departure. I’m not sure they approve of our escape to warmer climes.

The last of country life passes us by.

The wind farm triffids reappear.

We see the first and last of the summer heather.

Most of the day is spent hurtling down the A1 and M1. Thank goodness for TomTom, who saves us from endless traffic jams by weaving us in and out of roads as needed. When they occur, traffic jams are epic here – it’s not unheard of to lose a couple of hours stuck in one spot.

The M1 is not the most exciting place to be, but it serves its purpose well. We end the day North of London’s ring road, not far the Harry Potter studio tour. I can’t resist looking up admission, but alas they are sold out well into September. That’s another place that’s on my list to revisit.

We take the opportunity to catch up on domestics. Tomorrow we’ll head for Canterbury, the day after Dover and the ferry to Calais. At last.

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