2018 Day 9 – Henley on Thames

He who makes plans without consulting me has decided to stay in Henley on Thames for a few days. Fine by me. Bunnies a plenty, a pretty town to explore and I’m always happiest either near water or mountains. Three for three should easily keep me amused for a few days.

We had planned to pop into Windsor today, but a later start puts that plan to rest. Instead we properly explore town, to find a market in full swing.

These boxes of tomatoes were a little too good to resist.

I’m constantly amazed at the range of produce available in the UK, and how inexpensive fresh fruit and vegetables are. Easily quadruple the choice at around half the price, if not less. And don’t get me started on cheese – a huge range of local and imported cheeses is available everywhere and even artisanal cheese is cents in the dollar compared to home. Yet surprisingly, the fastest selling items in the UK are pre-prepared meals. Go figure.

Market explored, we lunch in the park then slowly meander up stream, past the loch with its multi water level access system and special “fish gates” – it’s quite extraordinary how quickly the waters fall to let boats through. The fish have a special crossing point, herringbone paved, to slow the water flow, allowing them to swim upriver in search of what passes for fishy romance.

Pretty cottages line our way, but I do wonder at the practicalities of daily life for those situated on the island in the river. You wouldn’t want to forget something at the shops, would you?

The English sense of humour is in fine form – it often appears in advertising

…and I really would have liked to have been at the creative meeting that dreamt up this product concept:

That’s a big “woof” of approval from our pupster friends.

We’ve booked a river cruise for the late afternoon, down stream, following the Regatta path.

This is prime real estate with homes dating back to the 1600s,

country clubs and one rowing club after the other.

To set the tone, we pass the occasional rowing scull, the team practicing in earnest.

Our skipper provides commentary on each club and point of historical interest.

It’s a peaceful way to while away what’s left of the day before the bunnies have my focus yet again.