2018 Day 8 – Henley on Thames

It’s decision day – the morning sees us at the workshop where the verdict on the fridge is delivered. It has to be replaced. Most vexed at this turn of events. Given the choice, I’d rather have spent those funds elsewhere. On important things like cheese, wine, shoes and cocktails. Especially given that I don’t believe it’s the fridge. I still think it’s the gas supply. Still, it’s action of sorts. Now all we have to do is wait to find out how long the replacement unit will take to come in. We are tied to the UK until this, and an available appointment to get the work done, coincide. The nice lady who delivers this news tries to cheer me up by telling us it will have an LED display, but quite frankly at what’s it’s going to cost, a singing and dancing chorus line that takes requests and bursts into song and dance each time you pass, would be more apt.

Elsewhere, the afternoon is spent travelling to Henley on Thames. The heat is back in force – this formerly lovely green spot is as dry as everywhere else, despite its location riverside. It’s still a gorgeous setting though, with its architectural history dating back to the 12th century, much of which is still well preserved today.

There’s time in the afternoon to walk into town for a reconaissance to refresh our memories of last year’s visit. They’ve done their best to keep the town pretty with endless window box and hanging basket plantings. Lavender coloured petunias feature heavily.

The red kites, an enormous bird of prey, are still thriving too. Recently brought back from the edge of extinction, they are now a success story. Their plaintive whistling cries can be heard frequently overhead, and when flying low, their distinctive red tail feathers an undeniable indentifying marker.

The river is its usual busy hive of activity hosting all manner of water craft. It’s home of the famous Henley on Thames Regatta, parodied by our own Henley on Todd (the land version) at home.

We potter around for a while, stopping for a drink riverside, but the sun eventually drives us to seek shade in the late afternoon. It’s here that I remember what I loved most at this site. Bunnies. In their dozens, out for a twilight nibble. In bunny heaven, at last. Bunny bliss. 🐇🐾

PS: There is a great deal of fun to be had dog watching in the UK. This spoilt boy spotted at the pub, for example. Whilst his mother thought he was being the epitome of a good dog under the table, his father was surreptitiously feeding him crisps and letting him nose out the good bits at the bottom of the bag. He was clever enough to do it quietly too….