2017 Day Ninety

We wake to a clear day – yay!  And it’s my birthday, double yay!  I’m so grateful it’s not raining.  I’m not sure I have it in me, to be gracious trapped indoors on my birthday. Someone up there must like me: the skies are a glorious blue, putting to an end the disappointment of yesterday.

First up is a reconnaissance of Padstow.  We park a little closer and meander on in. 

Everyone has had the same idea – after being trapped all day inside literally every man and his dog is grateful to be out today.  

The dogs, in particular, look most pleased.  We see 3.5 sausage dogs (well, 3, but one was rather plump, so he counts as 1.5), lap the azure blue harbour,

scout Rick Stein’s Seafood restaurant so we know where we’re going tonight then stop for a light lunch.  

The cafe owner, a keen traveller with a wish for a motorhome of her own, is fascinated by our journey.  She chats happily about possible future adventures. 

Our luck with the weather holds so we chance one of the National Trust parks, Carnewas at Bedruthan, famed for its dramatic coastline and enormous rock stacks.  

It’s been argued to be the most impressive view in Cornwall.

  Fabulously wild, and once mined for iron, copper and lead, the sea has carved the coast into abstract masterpiece.

 With the high winds, the Atlantic is ferocious and there are warning signs everywhere – do not enter the water under any circumstances, do not get caught on the shore in the incoming tide, do not go anywhere near the edge.  The message is clear, muck around here and you could well die.  It’s fabulous, most especially as it’s a haven for wildlife – the sightings board is full.

  We walk to the cliff edge, then the point and back, the wind so strong at times it pushes us, even uphill.  Lining our path, buried under a vegetation border is ancient stone fencing.

To look at our surroundings, you’d never know the country was belted by a massive storm a day ago – Aileen has left barely a trace.

We head back to Padstow for a little down time before dinner, and so I can respond to all my lovely birthday messages.  Rather spoilt with birthday love.  There’s a new book calling my name too, Black Rabbit Hall, a novel set in Cornwall.

Later, we walk into Padstow to Rick Stein’s Seafood restaurant for dinner. 

Very excited to have the crab tonight – last year we were here for my birthday as well and ordered something else, then lusted after the crab each time an order came out.  The menu has changed a little, but is still reflective of Rick’s travels around the globe.  A blood orange daiquiri starts me off.  For entree, Chris opts for mussels with tomato, feta and green peppers, 

I for cep mushroom and black truffle risotto.

 For main, I have Singapore chilli crab, Chris an Indonesian yellow curry with monkfish and prawns. 

 The crab is gloriously hands on, messy deliciousness. 

 Both too full for dessert, a glass of liqueur muscat ends the meal perfectly.  

It’s time then to hike back up hill.  And I wore flat shoes – to a birthday dinner! There’s a first.  Don’t hold your breath, it’s unlikely to happen again. They might revoke my stiletto licence.  I felt bad for Chris fretting how to get me down hill in heels without a taxi in sight.  Amazingly, the rain held off all day.  I can’t believe my luck, I was dreading a rainy, shut in day.  It’s been a lovely birthday.