2017 Day Eighty Eight

It’s a crack of dawn start (relatively speaking) to drop the motorhome off to Vospers to have the wheel rim replaced and a few other things looked – the horn has gone oddly quiet and the ignition is a little sluggish. Somewhat over repairs, quite frankly.  If this keeps up, the motorhome is going on notice – might be time for an upgrade.

Vospers kindly provides a loan car to get into Truro, a little blue van.  It’s a right hand drive and it takes Chris a moment to reprogram his parameters.

Truro is a welcome sight after being away for so long.  It really is starting to become a home away from home.  Plenty of favourite boltholes to hide from the rain! 

First stop, as always, is a couple of happy hours in Waterstones.  So many books clamouring for my attention!  I really struggle for books when we travel, and whilst ebooks are undeniably convenient (read: can travel with hundreds), they’re no substitute for the real thing, found while browsing in a well stocked bookshop.   I limit purchases to availability of space, lust after many others and beg Chris to take me away before I lose control and take home a suitcase full. I’ve been following the adventures of Felix, the Huddersfield Station Cat online and am delighted to have found her story in print. If she wasn’t so far north, I would have made it a priority to pop in for a pat.  Meeting Felix is on my list…

I resist the charms of The White Company, usually a place I succumb to – all the things I love are homewares, either too big or too fragile to travel.

Rain drives us to an early Asian lunch, new to the area.  I can see an Asian chef, excellent, but have a quiet giggle at our young English waitress when all the “real” names elude her as she recites back, ” a number 3, 22 and a 43…”. She might want to work on that.

We’d hoped to hear from Vospers by now, but in their absence, there’s a proliferation of  kitchenware shops to explore, a bunny apron I can’t resist, the Polish shop to visit, the river to see 

and coffee to be drunk in the pretty musuem cafe.

 Unrestricted by time, we discover parts of Truro as yet unseen, including the beautiful stone buildings that house the library 

and the freshly cleaned exterior of the Truro Cathedral.  It’s looking rather spiffing.

  Lots of lovely places to hide in when the rain comes!

We don’t pick the car up until late afternoon. Everything is fixed and two software updates have been installed.  The ignition issue is deemed a need for a new battery, but best installed next year.  No point putting in a new one now, having it sit idle for 9 months.

We’re back on the road then, heading closer towards my birthday dinner in Padstow.  We end at Treamble Farm where I happily count 13 bunnies nibbling at dusk. 

 They’re all around us, very close and stay well into the night.    Much fun is had bunny spotting and spying on them with binoculars – at this range I can even see gorgeously dark eyelashes as they sit up every time I poke my head out.