2017 Day Eighty Six

Oh this rain!  I love a downpour as much as anyone who lives in a dry climate, but seriously, enough already!  The poor conditions force our decision to spend the day on the road accelerating our arrival into Cornwall.    It’s just not possible to go for coastal walks or tour the beautiful Trust gardens in high winds and one squall after the other. 

It gives us plenty of time to debate our movements over this next week – there’s so much to do, packing up and wintering the motorhome, getting a hire car, picking up our cases and packing boxes. And the final house elf clean.  Let’s not forget how much fun that is…. Hopefully arriving early will take some of the pressure off, although there is a limit to what can be done in advance of the final few days.  

The drive is a challenge at times with winds strong enough to push us around and heavy rain at times.  Luckily, there are no major accidents but we see the odd minor bingle, everyone looking glum and drowned on the side of the road.  Fearless takes it all in his stride, as usual.

I faff around on the internet and stumble across a familiar photo… mine!  Google has selected my 2016 photo of Trelissick Gardens as a feature photo.  Rather chuffed really. 😁

The best I can do for photos today is through the windscreen.  Despite the filthy windscreen, I rather like this one, where Squiz is admiring his reflection in the trees. He’s a well travelled Squiz but I don’t think he’s ever been up a tree.

Cornwall’s beautiful patchwork fields eventually appear, followed by its stone villages then its hedgerows. 

 I’m a little stir crazy after a few hours in the car; it takes most of the afternoon to cover the 200 km to our final destination, Merrose Farm, a sheltered green oasis. 

It’s still miserable when we arrive, but there are books to read and I promised pizza for dinner so there are peppers to roast and mushrooms to saute.  I made the dough a while ago and froze it –  Jamie Oliver’s recipe which works very well. 

Surprisingly, Cornwall is still high season busy.  I thought the weather and end of school holidays would have seen it quiet. A quick peak at the news holds no joy.  The world is in weather turmoil.  With more rain and high winds forecast all week, we’re getting off lightly.  

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