2017 Day Sixty Six

It’s hard to believe, but today might just have been our first day of “down” time.  A lazy, genuine sleep in, croissants for breakfast thanks to a mobile boulangerie and the toughest decision of the morning being whether to drink my coffee slowly, very slowly or very slowly indeed.

It’s only fitting that a lazy morning is followed by an equally lazy lunch.  I scouted the restaurant yesterday, a prior favourite for its excellent moules and galettes.

 Chris opts for curry moules and frites, a surprisingly good flavour combination but I’m lured away from the gallettes by a gloriously good, honey dressed warm chevre salad.

 I wish our restaurants at home would take note: this is the perfect lunch dish, and not a avocado in sight, leaving all millennials able to afford a mortgage, if the financial experts are to be believed.  It’s another gorgeous day, perfect for lunching outside.

After lunch is devoted to shopping, tough task that it is.  A few local treats make their way home: salted caramels, biscuits and a weighty slab of soft nougat.

 It must be relatively new, the nougat shop as it’s impossible I would have missed it on other trips. With its wheel sized nougat, the scent alone is intoxicating.

There’s nothing left to do but potter about and introduce Chris to my finds yesterday: the lighthouses and park, today full of children enjoying the sun.

After the last few days, the slow pace of today has been very welcome.

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