2017 Day Sixty Seven

It’s our last day in France and despite the ferry leaving late in the afternoon, the day slips by in what seems moments.

There’s a last delicious lunch to be had, of course, and the small matter of stocking up on wine and cheese and visiting a couple of shops I didn’t manage to get to yesterday.

I’ve been waiting patiently to get a reflective shot of the harbour the past few days too, but it’s not too be.  It’s the first time it hasn’t cooperated.  We discover another as yet unexplored part of Honfleur, but it will have to wait until our next visit.

All too soon the day has gone and we set off for Le Harve to play the immigration game.

It’s been interesting to watch it change over the past 5 years from a cursory wave without even a glance at passports to the behavioural interview techniques they use now.  Disguised as a  “friendly chat”, border control now interviews everyone looking for inconsistencies in their story.  What used to be a 10 minutes process, off the ferry and go, now takes well over an hour queuing, as everyone ahead of you gets quizzed. And that’s when you’re one of the first sections to disembark too.

Still, at least the ferry crossing was an uneventful one with utterly still seas.  Lucky for Chris, who gets seasick.

We’re in uncharted waters once back in England.  There’s no plan beyond seeing the repair centre on Wednesday morning.   One thing’s certain. If the service dude doesn’t manage to fix the gas, and therefore fridge, issue I see a quite a number of cheesy meals in our immediate future.

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