2017 Day Forty Eight

We’re back in the mountains I so love.  Our journey is 100 km of winding mountain roads, on the edge of the Picos de Europa, on the way to Fuentes De where we can catch a cable car to the top.

On the way, we pass through Austurias into Cantabria and the many stone cottage villages dotted through the mountains.

 Most are busy with the official start of the holiday season, but the heartening thing is that these villages are thriving, as opposed to so many we’ve seen with buildings standing abandoned.

The journey brings tantilsing mountain views, beautiful rivers and signs promising wildlife including otters, polecats, wolves and bears.  Oh my.

Most of the day is spent driving.  I’ll let the photos speak of the natural beauty that surrounds us, it’s very hard to do it justice, even in pictures.

The scales are too grand to appreciate in a photo, no matter how large the screen.

When we arrive late in the afternoon, the mountain carpark is a circus, far too crowded to accommodate us.  Instead we take refuge some kilometres down the road along the river, complete with pretty blue butterfly and glorious view.

  It’s a great spot to read in peace and have dinner before we make a later evening journey mountainside.

In the still of the evening, crowds all bar gone, the mountains are majestic.  Bathed in a soft light, they dwarf all that surround them.  I find this landscape mesmerising and while Chris plays the dance of where best to park, I make the most of the evening light to capture it as best I can. Cloud free, we sleep under another still, inky, starburst sky.

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