2017 Day Forty Four

Last night’s gentle fog is this morning, an impenetrable wall of white.  There is literally no visibility beyond about a metre – it’s as if the cliffs and sea don’t exist.  Ideal conditions to maneuver a large vehicle on a clifftop really.  We’re staying put, thank you very much. 

Let me remind you that this is summer.  Of all the things I anticipated of a Spanish summer, fog comes as the biggest surprise.

Chris eventually gets itchy feet and takes to the road just before midday.  He’s claiming it is “not as bad as he thought” but it’s still a bit of a nail biting drive watching cars and pedestrians come out of nowhere in the mist. 

 It is very pretty though, with trees sillouetted against the white. Squiz assumes a supervisory role.

We’ve officially made the turn home today, a little ahead of the midway (time) point.  There’s still so much of northern Spain to see – Chris wants to visit wine country.  We both want to see the Pyrenees and the dinosaur foot prints in the Navarra region and perhaps Pamplona where mad people run with bulls in an event that unlikely to go well for either. Not that I want to see the bull run, but the town would be nice to see.

The fog lifts eventually delivering a surprisingly warm day.  Our drive north is relatively uneventful. I’m glad we saw the gorgeous beaches yesterday as today offered no chance.  By the time the fog lifted, we’re well inland.  We discover a large Carrefour (French) supermarket and I’m in foodie heaven for a while.  Nowhere in Spain is the effect of the economic downturn more apparent than in the supermarkets. The only ones thriving are those with tiny, discounted operations.  Meantime, this magnificent, market worthy Carrefour full of gorgeous produce, sits largely empty of customers. 

TomTom takes us in the wrong direction at one point, but we do get to see some great street art.

The late afternoon sees us settle beachside at Coruna.  Kids are joyfully ignoring a no swimming sign off the harbour and there’s a bar overlooking the sea for a well earned drink.  That fog was a bit of a challenge. We meet an English lady, travelling on her own with two tiny dogs.  She retired in March, hit 60, bought a motorhome and is loving it.  Good for her.