2017 Day Thirty Two

Any way I count it, there’s no denying we’ve been away for a month, almost a third of our time away. The good news is that there’s two months to go. Yay! I am in no hurry to return.

The morning is taken up with matters tyre – a garage that can accommodate the motorhome, and here’s the key…have enough room under their roof to hike us up on the hydraulic jack. It takes two attempts but we eventually make our way with the assistance of Google translate.  The tyre dude deems it a rim issue and swaps the spare.  It’s a concerning diagnosis as this will be the third rim that’s gone in 5 years and there’s much debate as to why it’s occuring.  

Chris holds true to his promise of returning to the beach in San Sebastian.  Now I’m not sure who he made a deal with, but by some miracle, we are able to park back in our spot overlooking the ocean.  Much rejoicing.  

It’s Monday and the bopping San Sebastian of the weekend has quietened.  There are no wandering minstrals, the temporary BBQ restaurant in the square is being dismantled and there are noticeably fewer people about.  It’s not a bad thing though, temperatures are soaring into the high 30s so a bit of peace and space is welcome.

A bonus of this new found peace is that we can  try another recommendation from Wendy, a place that’s had queues out the door each time we’ve passed.  Calamari with pimentos go down a treat as does pintxios at a new place.  Chicken skewers make an appearance and I taste ginger.  I’m pretty sure they have an Asian chef tucked away amongst all the Spanish flavours.

We’ve walked much of the old town but only driven through the new. 

Pintxios are walked off (were it that easy) touring the new town, the river and the surf beach.  

San Sebastian is certainly blessed with an abundance of beaches. My friend Kirsty mentioned that’s there’s a great walk to next village from the surf beach, but it’s just too hot. Better to be downwind of the sea breeze and marvel over the many shiny silver fish in the river.  

Eventually, the heat bests us and it’s time for siesta.  We’re parked near the massive boulders of Monte Urgull and they’re alive with green and brown native lizards darting about, recharging in the sun.  They’re very shy, resisting all attempts to photograph them bar high zoom.  I take the opportunity to feed the local birds bread dipped in water – they look a little skinny and thirsty for my liking.  It’s a peaceful spot in the shade, birdies by my side, shy lizards watching on. 

Later, we walk in for a pintxios dinner: prawn and calamari garlic skewers, crab, mushrooms, tuna stuffed charred peppers, baked scallops, chicken wings. A veritable feast.  It’s the same restaurant we lunched in and I’m most amused to see the Chinese chef poke her head out.   Dessert at the pastryshop rounds out the night. 

The only place to be is in the cool breeze from the sea to watch another spectacular sunset.  This will be our last night in San Sebastian.  I don’t think it needs saying, but I’m be very sorry to leave.  Chris tells me that a 5 bedroom place can be purchased here for around €160k.  Hmmmm.

We sit outside until dark.  It’s utterly peaceful in stark contrast to the bustle of the weekend.  Bliss.

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