2017 Day Nineteen

I’m not sure where today went.  My theory is that it dissapated in the heat.  Our first truly scorching day, well over 35 degrees.  As a first taste, it doesn’t bode well for southern climes.

I may have lost a few hours in Francophile supermarket heaven.  There’s no such thing as a quick stop in the megalith stores. 

 This one was no exception with endless aisles of cheese and a particularly fine boulangerie.   Pattiserie for miles.  

I’m still pondering the price differential at home.  One thing is certain – someone is making an absolute killing in our food chain and I’m certain it’s not the farmers who only receive cents in the retail dollar.    Even taking into account logistics and freight, there’s very little to substantiate the difference.  No wonder Aldi loves the Australian market.  They run their own supply chain – in the main, the poducts they sell are under exclusive arrangement and bar fresh food, much the same worldwide.  Based on local pricing, doubled for shipping and adding relatively standard mark up, they could still afford to be a good 30% cheaper than their competition.  Which I doubt they are.  

We do make it to Vouvant, deep in the Vouvant-Mervent forest.  The site was discovered by the local Duke in the 11th century who went on to builds castle, church and monastery.  Of the castle, only the keep remains, wrapped around the village in still defence.  

The church has fared better.  It commands centre stage.  Quite unusual in design with double entry doors and it’s original 11th century crypt, complete with stone sarcophagus.  It’s an excellent spot to hide from the heat and view an art display – intricate modern tapestry depicting the battle between light and dark and the mystery of life.  

The rest of the church dates back to the 12th century and is in need of a little love.  I can almost forgive the tradie who has parked in front of the entrance for most of the day, ruining my photo opportunity.

The heat fells us eventually and we succumb to it.  Drinks in the square and a quiet night beckon.  My only wildlife sighting in the forest has been an enormous black bumble bee, at least an inch long.  He sounds like a bird as he bumbles by.

Vouvant is our last village the North West region.  We are slowly but surely making our way South. At day’s end I finally get my shot of the church entrance.

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