2017 Day Nine

And so, back to the road we go.  We’ve only a couple of days left in England before we board the ferry to France.  Where did that time go? 

Morning is greeted by two fat rabbits hopping about. πŸ‡πŸ‡ Bunnies, at last.  I thought I saw one last night too, but binoculars reveal instead an elegant hare secreted in the tall grass.  A very handsome fellow he was too.

Picture perfect thatched stone cottage villages indispersed with pastures pave our way. Picturesque black and white cows complete the screen.  In the light drizzle of morning it’s a peaceful, relaxing drive.

I’m particularly fond of the farmers with OCD.  They’re easy to spot: their tractor tracks and planting furrows are laid down with such precision, I’m sure I couldn’t fault them even if I got the tape measure out.

The animal theme (is there another?) continues – we see a very fancy pheasant crossing the road and to add to the local colour, a hedge trimmer is beavering away, trimming the hedgerows with what can only be described as a vertical lawnmower.  Odd looking thing.  It boggles the mind to consider the endless miles of road this would have to be done for each summer.

We reach our destination by early afternoon.  Very excited for tomorrow – we’re off to see the very protected red squirrels in Brownsea Island.  The weather thwarted us last year, but I’m going tomorrow no matter what.  Excited doesn’t begin to cover it! 🐿️

Domestics steal my afternoon, and I’ve been uncharacteristicly slow on photos today – I’ll use instead to the magnificent Stourhead roses from yesterday.

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