2017 Day One

Well, we’re here!  After a very long flight, yesterday afternoon passed in a daze of disembarking, very long immigration lines and car hire pick up.  The plan was to drive to Shaftesbury, spend a quiet evening at the Grosvenor Hotel (charming but many stairs) to arrive in Truro the following day, refreshed and relatively normal.  

It almost worked.  We lost more than an hour in immigration, new rules, long lines, more questions   And traffic proved a challenge – we saw more accidents then we cared to count, but we finally arrived at Shaftesbury by early evening last night, a little crabby and very tired, but safely at destination.   Plans to explore abandoned til morning, dinner and bed was all we could manage.  

By morning though, the long flight is a distant memory and the village beckons.  Chris thoughtfully brings me a breakfast tray from the dining room (a very good boy, really) then we’re off, Shaftesbury awaits! 

Shaftesbury, dating back to the 1500s is a picture of stone cottage perfection, set alongside sweeping vistas, a quintessentialy English village. 

We lap the village, skirt the imposing central church and head down the Pines Walk, ostensibly to admire the beautiful views…but really to look for squirrels.  Hidden agendas, I’m sure you’ll understand. 

Success comes on the return journey, two in full chase, tails aflying.  Ah… now it’s real, I’m really on holiday.  

The rest of the day is spent on the road. We again underestimate the traffic.  What should take 3 hours takes 5 and we arrive in Truro by early evening.   Cornwall’s gentle green fields are a welcoming sight and the final approach is flanked by beautiful hedgerowed roads.

We’re really here, the start of our 5th trip in the motorhome and the start our second year overseas.  It seems hard to believe and occasionally I need to pinch myself as a reminder that Monday will not bring the office, but rather a European summer and a gentler pace.

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