Day Seventy Four

It’s our last day in Denmark today.  I thought we might be here a day more, but Chris is on a mission.  Guided by our book, we take one last scenic Danish drive, through the south of Northwestern Zealand, crossing to to the islands of Falster, then Lolland.  

After the busyness of Copenhagen, the gentle pace of rolling green fields is a welcome one.  Zealand and the islands are connected by bridges, one of which also carries a train.  That’s an experience, crossing a bridge with a train hurtling alongside.    

Lolland has a safari park which I can only long for (Siberian tigers!) but he who is in charge of pace says no. Hmmm.  Would very much have liked to have seen Siberian tigers, the largest of the tiger species.  

By late afternoon we arrive at Rodbyhavn and it’s here we bid Denmark goodbye, boarding a ferry to Puttgarden in northern Germany.  I’m very sorry to be leaving.  We were a little apprehensive about our trip to Scandinavia before departing, not knowing a great deal about the countries here, but I don’t think we could have wished for a more memorable time.  We’ve loved everything about our time here.  Not bad of a holiday borne of a need to escape the heat of last summer.

The ferry crossing is a quick one, 45 minutes and there’s no border control, which is surprising.  Germany is almost immediately different.  Trees here have clearly read the memo about autumn and are obligingly displaying their golden hues.  We’re in farm country again, mostly and with pretty thatched red brick cottages.

The drive takes up through one green corridor after the other until we settle at Hohwacht, a seaside resort.  Late in the day the beach is deserted bar the double beach chairs that dot the shore. 

  It must be quite a busy spot judging by the number of restaurants and cafes in the main street.  

We wander about exploring for a while, accompanied by a chorus of geese making their raucous path through the early evening sky.

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